Insights to arrange your objects for amazing product photography

Last week I went on a trip to Montana for three days. I spent all those days taking pictures and during a specific time, I did some product photography. I took my photos indoor and outdoor and I used different light settings, such as continuous LED lights, speed lights, reflectors and natural light.

Indoor Photography

These photos were a bit challenging since I only had a couple of minutes to arrange each product to capture the most appealing photograph. To be honest, I had to spend some time on Pinterest to get some ideas. Whenever I have time, I scroll through tons of photos to learn something new or to capture a new perspective that I’d never thought of. There are amazing photos in there!

For some of my product photos, I took an approach from above. I arranged my products on the floor or on top of a table and stepped on a stool to be able to capture the image from above.

I had a fun time arranging these products, taking the pictures and exploring more about the settings on my camera. It’s always good to keep practicing to master the beautiful art of photography.

Here are some of the product photographs that I took:

Outdoor Photography

The beauty of the outdoors is that you can use natural light to take product photographs. For some of these pictures, I had to use some speed lights to add some light into the shadows of the product.

During my trip, I learned a new post-editing technique. I don’t know if there is a name for it but it’s amazing! For this technique, you need a photo with natural light. Once you’re editing it, you will lower the exposure of the product photograph. The next step is to show the actual colors of the image on certain parts of the frame. You need to reveal some color as if you were using an external light. You can say that it’s a variation of light painting! You can get amazing results with this technique! I want to mention a big thanks to Steven Hatch who taught me and my class about this technique.

Here are some of the product photographs that I took:

I hope you’ve liked my photos! Please feel free to leave some feedback!