This is the second out of fourth blog post for my trip to Bannack Ghost Town. This trip helped me to interact with a lot of models, and to practice with different types of artificial light equipment. I also used different tools such as reflectors, defusers, speedlights, and triggers.

Throughout this post, I will share some of the creative photos that I captured at Bannack.

Levitation photography:

For this picture, I had to use a tripod and take two pictures at the same place with the same settings. The first picture I had Sarah and Nathan dancing on top of a bench. For the second one, I had to take everything out of the shot to capture the background. I used Photoshop to combine these two photos. This is the final picture.

Ghost photography:

This type of photography was fun because I got to come up with ideas and try them out. For capturing this effect, I used a long exposure and sat my camera on a tripod. The first picture I took was in a closet right next to a window. This was actually challenging since a long exposure lets in a lot of light. I had to use a black deflector to try to cover the window. There was a small spot that wasn’t covered and it put light into Kiley’s hand. This created an amazing effect because her hands appear sharp while her whole body has the ghost effect. It makes me think that the “ghost” is “humanizing” itself.

This second picture, I took it in a really dark room. There was any sort of light in the room so I used an LED light to bright Madi’s face and get her shadow. The concept of this picture is to capture a person being hunted by a ghost.

Abstract photography:

For this photo, I was looking for some symmetry. While I was setting up my tripod, I saw this part of the door and I was interested in the shadows on one side and the brightness on the other.

Commercial photography:

I had to choose a product and take a picture that could be used as advertising material for the brand. I chose to use my phone case. I recently got this from Keyway, a Canadian company that started in 2012. This is what I came up with.

Conceptual photography:

I took this picture right next to the hotel. I saw this carriage and I thought to ask one of the models to lay down next to it. I’ve recently attended a conference where I heard the phrase “Comfort is a slow death.” I think this picture is able to portray it.

I hope you have enjoyed these pictures. If you have the opportunity to go to Bannack, you should totally go!

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