This is the last post from my trip to Bannack Ghost Town! To be honest, it was an amazing experience to be part of that trip. My classmates and I spent a whole day in the town and still I think I missed so many good spots.

For this blog post, I will share the portraits that I had the opportunity to capture. When I took these pictures, I was using some external light equipment that I will specify along each portrait.

First station: For these pictures, I used an Einstein Strobe with an octabox. Nathan and Kiley were the models for this station and they totally rocked it!


Second station: At this station, I was able to use a speedlight and a reflector. Kayla modeled for us with some really nice clothing. For my first picture at this station, I didn’t use the reflector. I wanted to cover all the background in black and capture some light on Kayla’s face. I did use the reflector for my second photo.


Third station: At this station, I didn’t need to use any trigger. I was using a continuous light and Kaleigh was the model.


Fourth station: I also had the opportunity to use a speedlight with a Rogue flashbender. Jake was the model for this station and he was my favorite. He has some deep wise eyes that make these photos more powerful!


Fifth station: This station made me realize the power of reflectors! Hayden, the model, and I walked in a small dark cave with any sort of light. Hayden’s friend was holding a reflector outside the small cave and the lighting was perfect for these shots! 

Sixth station: This last station had Rick as a model and I used an Einstein Strobe with a light reflector.

I hope you liked these photos! Feel free to leave some feedback on the comments!