We are so close to the end of this semester! This blog post will display the best pictures I took throughout this time.

This was one of the first pictures I took for my photography class. I used a long exposure and had my friend sitting still while I did some light painting behind him. I really like this picture because of the soft light that my friend has on his left side. It marks clearly his silhouette.

The second picture I took was during my excursion to Bannack Ghost Town, Montana. This is also one of my favorites since the door is dividing the picture in the middle. The left side has light in it while the right side only shows darkness. I love the balance the picture shows!


My third picture was also taken at Bannack Ghost Town. This is a portrait of one of the models that were helping us during my class’ excursion. I like the look he has. For me, he’s patiently waiting for someone and he had just look up to see if this person has arrived. His whole outfit is a plus!

This picture was taken with a macro lens. I used some food coloring, a water ball and a speedlight. It was challenging to measure the speed of the drops falling and capture them at the right time. I like the waves in the water just waiting for that water drop to hit the water. 

My last picture is a close-up photo of two bolts in a piano. I like this picture a lot because it’s hard to tell what it actually is. This abstract concept I got from the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. During this movie, Walter tries to find his photographer friend to get a copy of a picture he received from his him. Walter was never able to tell what the picture actually was. In the end, Walter discovered it was a picture taken from an object really close to him but from a different perspective.

This class has given me a great knowledge of photography. I learned a lot about artificial light and composition. I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I did taking them.