Adidas created #BossEveryone on social media for their new soccer cleats

I’ve been playing soccer since I’m six years old. I’ve always been in between Adidas and Nike. So whenever I had to buy a new pair of cleats, I always relied on the looks of them. There has only been only one social media campaign that caught my attention and it might have influenced my decision to purchase a new pair of cleats.

It might have been 2015 when Adidas came out with his new type of cleats. The reason why it resonated with me was that they didn’t have shoelaces. They were so strange to me! Their new cleats were crazy! They were bold!

This new type of cleats needed an extra push since it was something nobody had ever seen before. At least my friends and I wondered how the cleats could have the same grip without the shoelaces. Adidas knew they need to inform their audience about their new product. They had to bring down all the questions about their new soccer cleats.

Adidas came out with their new social campaign “#BossEveryone.” They shared short videos on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube of soccer players like Mesut Ozil, Oscar, Xabi Alonso, Dele Alli, Thomas Muller and Lass Diarra. They bragged about their soccer skills in all their videos.

Here is a compilation of all their videos from the campaign #BossEveryone:

This was the new pair of cleats from Adidas:

Attention principle: All these videos on social media show a soccer player bragging about their soccer skills with their new pair of cleats. If you’ve been in the sports game, whenever you show off your skills you become the attention point. In the case that players want to stand out in a game, they start doing an extra move. Adidas sold the idea that these cleats would help you to step up your game.

Zeitgeist principle: Soccer is a beautiful game that people play anywhere and anytime. It doesn’t matter your social status, your education level, your background, your skin color, your language, or anything. It brings closer to everyone that shares the same passion. I consider this the reason why the #BossEveryone campaign resonated so much. Even though it was selling a new pair of cleats, the video only focused on the beauty of the sport.