Over the last three weeks, I started working towards this project. The first week was focused on increasing my creative thinking process. I was required to do a couple of exercises that help to increase the creative flow.

My class used a Project Specification Generator for the demographic of our ads. This generator throws random demographic and also the products we needed to work with.

For this project, I had to work with a set of pliers from the Husky brand. My target audience are males of age 25-34. They are married, and they have a bachelor’s degree. Their income ranges between 15k to 39k, and their media consumption are TV and blogs.

Having in consideration these demographics, I wanted the advertisement to portray the easiness of usage and the reliability of the product. I wanted to show that Husky pliers are capable of completing the job without troubles.

My second and third week was focused on this advertisement. During the second week, I came up with three different ideas for the project. The first one had a a crane and its hook was the jaws of a set of pliers. The crane was going to lift a car, and the background was a construction setting. My second idea was an iron column with huge bolts and a set of pliers was trying to lose those bolts. The jaws were supposed to be a pair of human hands. The third idea was the picture of a huge astronaut helmet and, through the reflection of the helmet, people could see space and that the astronaut was working with a nice set of pliers.

I really liked the three ideas but I had to be realistic with my Photoshop skills. To be honest, this was my first time using Photoshop. For this reason, I stuck with my second idea.

For this advertisement, I relied on three photos and the logo of Husky. The logo I got from Google for educational purposes, and I only erased the background and saved on a png format.

My first photo I got from Pexels.com and there was no information about the photographer.


Link: https://www.pexels.com/photo/bolts-industrial-industry-iron-207367/

For my second photo, I looked up for a set of pliers. I did find one at Pixabay.com. The photographer has his account at Pixabay, under the name of WerbeFabrik.


Link: https://pixabay.com/en/users/WerbeFabrik-1161770/

My third photo was actually two different photos. I needed a pair of hands for my advertisement, but I couldn’t find anything on the website. I took these photos and the reason why I took each hand separate is because it seemed more easy for me to edit and handle them separately.

right handleft hand

One last requirement was in relation to the written content of the advertisement. I was required to have an original and creative headline, a body copy, and a call to action.

This is my final advertisement for TV (1920px by 1080px – 300dpi)

Creative Ad


This is my final advertisement for Blog (300px by 250px – 72dpi)


I always liked simplicity. I searched for a background that doesn’t distract the audience much. I also placed the set of pliers close to the bigger bolt to make it the focal point.

The background that I chose had dark colors and white letters, but it was not enough to make a strong impact. This is the reason why I decided to place a white box at the bottom of the ad and use black for the written content. This decision helped me to separate the image from the text perfectly. The audience will be able to focus on each piece separately and analyze it more efficiently.

The typeface of my written content is non serif. These typefaces make the text easier to read.

One thing that I would change is the written content. I’d get rid of the text around the pliers and place that heading in the white box and I’d get rid of the body copy from the white box to leave space for the heading. The reason why my final ad has so many written content is because it was a requirement for my assignment. As I said before, I prefer simplicity.

To conclude, I really liked to work with Photoshop. This program has always scared me because of its complicity but this assignment has showed me I was wrong. I know Photoshop has more complex tools than the ones I used for this assignment.  I know that amazing art works can be done with Photoshop, and this has pushed me to look up for more Photoshop tutorials to increase my skills.