This week I came across a new challenge: deep and shallow photography. I’ve always been fascinated with landscape photography such as mountains and lakes. But photos with the focus only on one thing and everything else blurry it’s also amazing!

Shallow photography:

F 1.6 – SS 1/50 – ISO 100 – 50mm

F 1.6 – SS 1/50 – ISO 100 – 50mm

This picture is from my friend’s Alesis Multimix 8. I sat it up on a chair and I placed my guitar and my friend’s amplifier behind it. I wanted to capture this stage of my life where I’m getting back into music. Before this semester started, I got an e-drum kit and I’ve been playing every single night. My friend has lent me all these equipment so I can play with my band.

F 1.4 – SS 1/40 – ISO 100 – 50mm

For this picture, I used a macro tube. The idea was simple, take a picture of something that wouldn’t look familiar until you have some context and can perfectly picture it. I took a photo of a capstan (or a string post) from my guitar and I tilted my camera just a bit so it looks unbalanced. For this picture, I used a macro-tube and a LED light.

Deep photography:

F 6.3 – SS 1/5 – ISO 200 – 16mm

F 6.3 – SS 1/8 – ISO 200 – 16mm

I was driving around looking for something interesting to capture. I saw that there was some symmetry at the Maverick that’s close to my place so I decided to take some photos of it. I did some edits on Lightroom.

F 4.5 – SS 1/400 – ISO 125 – 21mm

I took this picture from a restaurant in Rexburg. The first time I came into town, I fell for this place. I really like the shape of the building and I always wanted to capture it from a good perspective.

F 10.0 – SS 1/160 – ISO 100 – 24mm

F 10.0 – SS 1/160 – ISO 100 – 24mm

I also decided to throw two more pictures of buildings. These buildings are the Taylor and the Kimball and are located at Brigham Young University – Idaho. I did some editings on Lightroom as a way to get more familiar with it.

To be honest, I also wanted to include a night sky photography with this post, but Rexburg has been really cloudy these past few days. I’m planning to get a couple of shots during this week and I will upload them on my Instagram account. Go check them out during the weekend!

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