This semester I’m taking an Advertising Principles class (Comm230) and for our final project, I’ll be working on an Advertising campaign.

Last week I had two small projects that would help me with the creative flow. To be honest, these projects were a bit challenging because I had to come up with printing ads on my own.

For my first project, I was asked to re-create and Ad. I needed to consider the copy, the position of some of the elements and the layout of the Ad. I chose one from Coca-Cola. I like the simplicity of it and the quality of the photo.

week 6 - example

I decided to use on of the photos I took at the iConcert night because of its colors. The colors of the smoke and of the hoodie contrast with the black background and grabs attention easily. The photo shows the singer enjoying the song and portrays his passion for the music. Also, the singer is facing to the left side and also that is where all the smoke is concentrated. That’s why I decided to place the logo and the copy body around the smoke.


week 6 - project 1For my second project, I was asked to create a print ad from scratch. I was free to choose any product or service of my preference. One of my passions are cars so I decided to work with my favorite brand, Volkswagen. Again, I relied on one photo I took before of my Volkswagen GTI.

I searched for previous Volkswagen printing ads promoting their Golf GTI because I wanted to demonstrate their branding on my design. Volkswagen usually has the picture of their promoted car with a white line at the bottom of the ad with some copy on the left side and their logo on their right side. This was my final work:


week 7 - ad project

I really liked working on these projects because they are in fields that I’m really passionate about, music and cars. It also gave me an idea how the process of creation is. I learned that the photos or graphics used are very important to grab the attention of the audience. One thing that I’m still struggling with is the typeface of the copy. I feel there are other options that would enhance the copy of my ads.