Printing a Fine Art Photograph of a Harley Davidson

These past few months have been extremely satisfying since I have been researching different styles of lighting for photography backdrops. By using different colors and positions of lights, a photographer can create a completely different atmospheric feeling portrayed through the photograph.

A couple of weeks ago, I shared four blog posts about some of my photos I captured from The Legacy Flight Museum; those four blogs focused on photos I took of men, women, objects, and couples. My favorite photo taken displayed a couple riding a Harley Davison motorcycle.

Steven Hatch, a well-known photographer, was invited to the same photoshoot that I attended. He had the amazing idea to place two models, a male and a female, on one motorcycle. To add depth to the photo, we placed an American flag behind them. I was lucky enough to help set up the lights for the shot as Steven placed the models into position. He told me his intended image, so I strategically placed speedlights around the models to spotlight the main objects of the photograph.

Here’s an image of the actual photo taken without any edits:

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To focus the image, I decreased almost all of the exposure which highlighted the area where I desired the audience’s attention to focus. To accomplish this task, I decided to take out the speedlight by the front tire of the motorcycle, while I added light to the front motorcycle headlight. In addition, I used the techniques called dodge and burn to highlight some features of the photo.

Here’s the final result:

This photo shoot was an amazing opportunity and I learned so much there. I am so thankful for the Legacy Flight Musem for hosting it and Steve Hatch for the insights about photography.