In this post I will analyze two of my photos and one photo from Denis Nevozhai. There is three different topics that the photos will cover: Rule of thirds, depth of the field and leading lines.

  • Rule of thirds:
    Rule of thirds divide the screen into 9 pieces, leaving 4 points of convergence. These points are the ones that have more content in the photos. This is one of the photos I took from my friend Gonzalo. He graduated last semester from Brigham Young University – Idaho.



  • Depth of the field
    Depth of the field makes the background blurry leaving only the main image more appealing to the eyes. This photo was taken by my friend Roberto. He is just starting as a photographer and I helped him with the settings for this picture.



  • Leading lines:
    Leading lines are lines that draw your eyes and drag them into a specific point. This photo is from Denis Nevozhai and I got it from




  • Conclusions:
    These basic guidelines help to create good photos. Photographers that follow these guidelines have photos that are more appealing to people.