This week I was challenged to take some landscape photos. Even though I’ve always wanted to go out into the wild and get nice pictures of lakes, forests, the sky and other stuff, I’ve discovered I don’t have the right gear for it.

To be honest, I don’t know much about Rexburg and its surroundings. I decided to go out to Targhee and check it out. In case you don’t know about Targhee, it’s a ski resort in Wyoming. Somehow my lowered little car made it to the top of the mountain but I didn’t have snowshoes with me to go any further.

On my way back I found a little canyon and decided to take a closer look. I ended up finding this sort of little barn in the middle of nowhere. Here are some photos.

This last photo is kind of similar to the fifth one. I got a different angle and I switched the focus for this last one. I was required to have one of my pictures blended with a texture. Since this photo has a look of a desert, I decided to add fire to one of the bushes. I got the fire from and I used Photoshop to blend them together.