For this blog post, I had to take some macro photos and it was an awesome experience. There are three types of photographies along this post. I capture falling waterdrops, waterdrops on flowers and a strawberry and a miscellaneous section. For the first type, I used a speedlight and food coloring. For the second type, I used a speedlight and a LED light. For the third type, I used natural light.

Falling waterdrops: I’ve seen pictures like this before and I wanted to try it out this time. I got some food coloring from Walmart, I borrowed my friend’s bowl and filled up with water, I sat up my camera on a tripod and a speedlight on a light stand. After trial and error, I got these pictures. The last one is my favorite because everything has been wiped out by the speedlight. Looks so surreal!


Fruit and flower waterdrops: The challenging part of these pictures was to find the right composition. It was a bit hard to have the waterdrops stay still but everything worked out at the end.


Miscellaneous: These are three pictures that I took during my time at school and I fall in love with these. For these three pictures, I used natural light. The colors of each of them are amazing!


I hope you like this blog post. Feel free to leave any feedback!