At the moment, I’m switching all my content from my previous website to this one. My previous photo blog post was from an event from my previous semester, Winter 2017. I’ll keep posting all my work from my previous semesters periodically.

This post will break the timeline of those upcoming posts, being from a concert that recently happened today. One big thing I’ve learned so far at Scroll is the importance of timeliness, so it’s time to apply it to my blog posts.

Mat Kearney had a show tonight at Brigham Young University- Idaho. I had the opportunity to cover this event and here are the highlights of the night. Hope you all enjoy it.

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Unfortunately, I stayed for only two songs. The security of the event told me I was only allowed to take photos of the first two songs. Nevertheless, I’m excited with the photos and I really enjoyed the concert. Thanks a lot, Mat Kearney! Great concert!