This semester I’ve started working for the newspaper of my school, Scroll. I’ve been in charged of designing the Spread for our section, which has been mainly photos of concerts. This semester, the photo staff pitched different ideas for the Spread. The design is always the same, I only arrange the position and size of the photos to make it more appealing to our readers.

For this assignment I was asked to create a spread magazine, which is something that I’ve been doing for a couple of weeks. But this time was different. For the very first time I had to create a spread magazine from scratch.

I really liked the assignment from the beginning. This was not only my first spread magazine from scratch. This was also my very first design project! Although Visual Design is not my emphasis, it’s my module and I’m very eager to learn more about it.

My very first step was to look for other designs to get some ideas and inspiration. I started searching through Pinterest but I didn’t have much luck. All the designs where amazing and I set myself the goal to learn how to do those designs in the future but I couldn’t find any layout that looked close to what I was asked.

This assignment required us to use our own photos, identify our audience, the message, draw some sketches, pick the colors, choose our typography and do a draft of our design.


I was required to use at least two of my own photos. This requirement was crucial because they all had to convey the same message. My most favorite photos that I’ve taken so far are from two couples that are good friends of mine. Based on this, I decided that the theme should be around couples. To be more specific, engagement and marriage.

Even though I met the requirement for my assignment, I still wanted to add a third photo but I didn’t want to show another couple. I decided to take a photo of the temple, where couples get married and sealed forever.

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Target audience and message

The theme of my spread magazine was ready: Engagement. I also needed to find an article from and I found the perfect article for my magazine, A True and Sufficient Love by Burton C. Kelley.

Based on this information, my target audience are women, age 19 to late 20s that currently attend BYU- Idaho. This group belongs to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Marriage has been one big topic within that specific community for many years.

The message my spread magazine conveys is that marriage is one big step in relationships and people should know more about their partners and their relationship before getting engaged.

Design analysis

The very last part to complete the draft of my design was to pick the colors and choose two fonts for it.

For the colors of my design, I wanted to use bright colors in soft tones. I wanted something appealing to girls. I used the theme colors offered by Adobe CC Library and I chose “The 50’s” folder. I used the pink for headings and to bring up little things from the body copy of my design. I used the soft green to the rest of my body copy.

The very last thing for my design was the fonts. I needed two different fonts to make contrast on my spread magazine. I chose a script font for my title and for my pull quote. The reason I chose a script type is because I wanted to replicate the design of wedding invitations. I wanted to have some curves throughout the lines of the font. The script type that I chose was Alex Brush. I used a sans serif font for my body copy. It was a bit harder to chose a font like that because they all look alike. I don’t know much about typography. The differences that I found were very little.

week 5 - Spread marriageweek 5 - Spread marriage2week 5 - Spread marriage3

To conclude, this assignment was really helpful to me because I had the chance to get familiar with a lot of InDesign tools. I also taught me how to choose colors based on my target audience and how to use it to create contrast in the design. Personally, I like the final result because I stuck with a simple layout and I relied on colors to make it appealing to my audience.