A Couple of Dope Skateboarding Photoshoots

If you had read my previous blog post, I talked about my final project for my photography class. I decided to do two photoshoots. One related to soccer and one to skateboarding.

The reason why I decided to do a skateboarding photoshoot is that I would like to be involved with surf clothing brands such as Vans, Rip Curl, Ron Jon, Billabong, Quicksilver, Hurley, Volcom and some others.

Back when I was 18 years old, I was able to start working. I still remember brands like Quicksilver, Billabong, Rip Curl and Dunkenvolk (Peruvian clothing brand) as clothing brands that cool kids wore. Even though¬†there is no snow in Peru, I always watched the X-Games during the USA winter season. Back then, I didn’t have the chance to get my own skateboard. When my first paycheck arrived, I could only buy clothing from those brands. I was so engaged with their style!

I grew up and decided to move to the states. I got into snowboarding and years later, I also got into longboarding. My passion for those brands kept growing and growing.

Now that my photo skills have been growing up in different sort of fields, I decided to try action photography with skateboarding. I would be a dream to take photos or videos related to skateboarding or any sort of action sport that has a board such as; longboarding, snowboarding, surfing and so on.

My final project for my photography class gave me the opportunity to work on this project. I did three different photoshoots. During the first one, I was only able to take two good shots. I sat up my lights and ten minutes later, it started pouring. Two days later, my model got injured and I had to find someone else. For my second photo shoot, my friend helped me. He has been doing longboard and downhill for a while but he doesn’t know much tricks. I was very limited but I was able to get some cool photos! For my third photo shoot, there was a misunderstanding! My friend referred me a skater and when I picked him up, he had a longboard! Luckily, he knew some tricks so I was able to capture that but also, we found some other skaters at the park and I decided to take some photos of them. That day I also met a kid with his scooter. He was very talented and helped me a lot with my photos!

Here are some of my shots:

To be honest, it was a fun project. I enjoyed taking action photos with external lighting. I used one Apollo orb with a triple bracket. I also use three speedlights with a trigger on my Canon 60D with a 16-35mm lens.

I did some research on Vans’ photographers and I came across Chad Chomlack. He has some dope photos! Honestly, it would be a dream to take photos of a clothing brand like the ones mentioned above.