For my last assignment, I was asked to recreate any ad of my choice. I had the opportunity to use any of the Adobe programs we’ve used throughout the semester such as, InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

To be honest, I always find ads more appealing whenever they have a huge photo in them.  I’ve done two other ad recreations before and I took that approach. For this assignment, I wanted to do the same.

I started looking for ads that showed physical activity and were eye-catching. I came across an Adidas ad that I really liked.

slide project FB

What I like about this ad is that it looks simple. There is a runner with a relevant background of a city. The text is spread out on the ad and it covers all the empty space around the subject.

The target audience for this ad are men and women of ages 18 to 30 whom enjoy physical activities and thrive to stay healthy.  They have some college education with a medium to high income and are located in the USA.

Analysis of original ad

  • Typography: Adidas used a sans serif font for their ad. It’s easier to read for the consumer.
  • Tracking: Adidas also add space within the letters to cover more space with their text. It makes the text clearer and appealing.
  • Outfit: The subject on the ad is wearing training clothes related to the conveyed message.
  • Background: The photo has been taken on the street which is related to the subject.


New ad

slide project FB7

The concept of this new ad is to show a soccer player in his element. I asked my friend Sergio Torres, Business Management student at BYU- Idaho, to do some soccer drills at the school campus. I took the photo and, for the first time, I used Lightroom to edit it.


Although Sergio was doing some soccer drills, I decided to capture him in action without the soccer ball. I didn’t want to have the ball as a distraction in the ad.

The setting was similar in that Sergio is in a place related to what he is doing. The colors of the background are a bit darker and the colors of the Sergio’s clothes are a bit brighter.

I came up with the text for the new ad and I also applied tracking within the words. For the typography, I chose Europe, sans serif font.

To conclude, I enjoyed doing this project. What I liked the most was to come up with the idea for the new ad. It was a great experience to break down the original ad and apply all those elements to the new one. On a side note, it was also a nice experience to work with Lightroom for the first time. I’ve always been scared of the program but I started watching some tutorials and they helped me to understand the basics of the program.