During these last two weeks, I’ve been working on this assignment. I was required to create an icon set and apply three rules for consistency on every design. This assignment was my first time working with Illustrator and I have to admit it was confusing sometimes because I’m already used to work with InDesign.

Before I started with my icon set, I searched for some examples and I came across with really good icon designs. I saw some icons based on superheroes and I decided to work with that theme.

The target audience for this icon set are teenagers of age 12 to young adults of late twenties. They are amazed by superhero comics and they love anything related to them (movies, poster, key holders, and so on.)  In the case I would promote this icon set, I would first promote it throughout Salt Lake City. I’d lived in that city for over two years and I became quite familiar with it. I’ve seen there is a potential market for superheroes merchandising. A second reason why I’m choosing only Salt Lake City is because I’d want first to make a small test before jumping straight to a massive market, USA superheroes market.

My first idea was to use a guitar pick shape for all the icons but at some point I forgot I was working with icons and thought I was creating a product, guitar picks. I even tried to specifically market it to musicians. I took me a while to realize I wasn’t losing sight of my real assignment.


The colors I chose are close to the colors of each superhero but they are more colorful. The reason behind that is because I wanted to make it more playful, more appealing to the inner kid of each of my target audience.

At the beginning, I used black strokes for all my icons but some icons were looking a bit boring. I ended using the main color of each icon as the color of the stroke for that specific icon.

The rules that I applied for this design were related to the size of the strokes. All of the strokes for the main circles are the same size. Any other stroke used in the design also has a same size. Also, the red and yellow were used for three of the four icons.


For this assignment I didn’t use any photos neither any typography. Everything was created by me on Illustrator.

I was also required to shared these icons on two different sizes 60px by 60px and 400px by 400px. Here are my final icons:

60px by 60px

400px by 400px

To be honest, this assignment was a bit challenging. Even though Illustrator shares some features with InDesign, they have different layouts. It took me some time to find some features on Illustrator but in the end, I could become familiar and understand better the program.