International students, depending on the school, usually have free time during their semester and a lot during their vacations.

You’d probably be thinking: why don’t you work during that time? Well, we are very limited because of our visa.

There are so many things to do aside from working and money is not a problem for most of these activities.

Here is a short list of the activities you can do without spending much money:

  1. Going to the gym: Most of the schools have their own gym open to all the students for no cost. You only need to take your student card with you. It is a good activity to keep yourself healthy and in good shape.
  2. Play your favorite sport: I personally like soccer. I used to play three times a week but it’s a bit hard to find good places to play. Usually, there is people playing in parks every weekend. If you have some money, there is some places that hold small leagues, such as indoor soccer, basketball, volley and so on.
  3. Hiking: Hiking is one of the main outdoor activities in Utah. I decided to try it and it’s easy to do it and it’s a nice experience. You will discover new places around your area that you’ve never seen before. Most of the trails do not have an entrance fee. If you are in Utah, you can check AllTrails and check all the options close to you.
  4. Community service activities: Each school has an office for community service activities. Being part of such activities is a good way to contribute with your community. Plus, it helps to build up your resume.


If you have some money that you can spend, you can things like:

  1. Go to concerts/theater: If you like to go out at nights, there is always something going on in your city. Either concerts or theater, they are always a good option to go and hang out for a bit. Most concerts are $18 average and there are always some discounts at the theaters.
  2. Trips around your state: If you can afford to spend the weekend at hotels, you can take a small trip to small towns around your city or go to the closest states of yours. It’s always a nice experience to travel around and discover new places.