Back when I was getting my bags ready to go to the States, I had the idea of never coming back.

I didn’t want to leave anything because I purchased all my stuff with my money such as clothes, music instruments, music CD’s, little action figures, and so on.

It might sound harsh but the truth is that you, international student, will only be a visitor for a while. You won’t have a secure place during your time at the States, and chances are you might need to move to different locations from time to time. So, the idea of having just enough things to live comfortably is convenient.

The ideal way to travel to the USA is to bring only one suit case. You won’t need more than that. Keep in mind only the things you will truly need.

Most international students look for housing near their schools to avoid transportation expenses. I was very lucky to be able to live with my uncle during my time in Salt Lake City.

Unfortunately, a couple of my friends had different experiences. Within 2 years, they moved to three different locations. It was easy for them to change from one place to another. The only difficulty was to move out their mattresses and some little furniture but it’s still manageable.

After a year of studying at Salt Lake Community College, I got the opportunity to get my own car. My idea has always been to fit all my stuff in my car and move around without limitations. I always thought of that in case I need to move out to a different city for a job, but not for school.

By the end of 2015 I got accepted at BYU-Idaho and it was time for me to move out. Just like I was hoping for, all my stuff fit into my car. But there was one thing that I wasn’t in my plans. Roberto was coming with me.

This was the second time I remembered the importance of having just the essentials. We had a ton of stuff and it was impossible to fit everything in a small hatchback. We bought a roof rack but it didn’t fit.

We had to give away some of our stuff before we came to Rexburg, Idaho. I still don’t know how we fit almost everything we had in a small hatchback. The ride was tight but we made it.

This time I learned my lesson. I stopped purchasing stuff that I actually don’t need. As long as I have my guitar with me, I’ll be good. This time everything fits in my car and I’m able to move around for any opportunity that comes my way.