Design analysis of Vans’ poster

Vans is a well-recognized American brand. They manufacture skateboarding shoes and related apparel. Time to time, they host contests of extreme sports. They also sponsor surf, snowboarding, BMX, and motocross teams. Here is a poster Vans came up with a couple of years ago promoting one of their contest.

Vans’ audience is men and women who are into music, street culture, art and action sports. They don’t have to be teenagers to wear their apparel. They are enthusiastic and have a teenager and free spirit.

Vans is using the attention and zeitgeist principle with their poster. The colors of the main character are bright and eccentric. The “Free entrance!” sign pops out because of its design. Additionally, the arms of the character are all the way up, trying to catch people’s attention. This poster is promoting a skateboard contest. This contest appeals to people with different backgrounds and demographics but they share one common passion, skateboarding.

Analysis of the poster:

  • Lines: This is a great example to show how Vans used perfectly its lines to lead our eyes to the main character. All the lines take us directly to his face and it’s easy for the public to start analyzing the poster from there. The first thing that we see is the skater enjoying the moment and then we read about the skate contest.
  • Alignment: Vans didn’t use much text on its poster. They only wrote three sentences and it’s well-aligned. We can see the space in between the text and the edges are similar on each side and there is a line that follows the first two sentences. The third sentence is right in the middle of the text from above.
  • Repetition: At the beginning can be a little hard to perceive but we still see it. There are three “Vans” on the poster. The first one is printed on the hat of the skater. It can be a bit hard to see but people still recognize their logo. The second one is on the top of the poster. Simple but still it’s enough to make people remember it’s a Vans competition. The last one is in between the text. They added it along with their slogan and they even changed the color to make more contrast and the line underneath the name is different from the rest.

To summarize, Vans just showed us a well-design poster. The three design elements that I’ve just analyzed were lines, alignment, and repetition. There are a couple of other elements that we can discuss in a different post. These elements help Vans to connect with their audience and convey their message effectively. Vans do not only use these elements just for this poster, they also use them for all of their messages to their target audience.