Vans is still promoting through Instagram their classic slip-on shoes

If you have been reading my latest post about social media, you can tell I like Vans. It is a cool brand and they are one of my favorites in the market. I’m pretty chill and outgoing so that is why Vans resonates so much with me.

I’ve seen a lot of posts related to their classic slip-on shoes and I’ve been analyzing some of those posts to see how they apply different design elements in them and how cohesive is their campaign overall. I’ve seen so many of their posts that I’m stoked about their classic shoes. I even want to get one of their classic slip-on so bad!

Today I will be doing a reverse engineer analysis to one post from their Instagram published on May 3rd. Here is the original post:

There are three design principles that stood out the most to me. Lines, composition and the colors of the photo.


I almost want to call it rule of thirds but if we draw the grid, it would be a little off center. That’s why I’m calling this design principle “lines”. They are easy to see and they draw our attention to the center. We can easily see there is a wood frame almost by the middle of the photo. There are also two rows of posters on the wall. The model’s shoes are right above the wood frame and exactly in the middle of the second poster. It is hard to perceive but there are lines framing the shoes on an imaginary square, right in the middle.


Vans’ composition goes along with their caption “Sit back and relax, it’s almost Friday.” Whenever I just want to listen to music and relax, I lay down on my bed with the feet on my wall. I’m a weird kid, I know it.  Now, in relation to their Instagram post, their photo is giving a full meaning to their caption. Vans’ photo is just showing their classic slip-on over the wall with some posters on it. Let’s not forget the light bulbs over the posters. Everything on the photo has a chill, indie-pop vibe. This is exactly what Vans is about! Absolutely beautiful!


This goes along with their composition. The colors for this photo are warm colors that give an outdated vibe to their image. The only colors that pop out are black and white, the rest of them look faded. If we pay attention to the clothing, we can only see their classic slip-on and a black pair of jeans rolled-up almost to the model’s knee. This, as everything else, has also been intended since black jeans are always the go-to for their black and white checkerboard slip-on!

To summarize this post, Vans has done it again! Their post about their slip-on is just incredible! When we analyze each of their posts, we realize just how many element designs they use. Even though some of them are hard to perceive, it doesn’t mean they don’t apply them.