Vans brings back their classic shoes through social media

Vans is throwing back their classic sneakers and they are killing it! Here is the link for the originals post from Vans on Instagram.


  1. What is the main purpose of the post? Let their audience know about the throwback of their classic shoes and promote their slip-on shoes.
  2. Who is the audience of the post? The audience of their post is mainly their target audience (men and women who are into music, street culture, art and action sports. They don’t have to be teenagers to wear them. They have a teenager spirit) But they also reach out to a similar audience that’s on Instagram whom may not know about their brand but they share some preferences.
  3. How does the post connect with the audience? I believe this connects perfectly with their audience. They’re appealing to people who like the old style. Vans recreated an 80’s room with different elements that make you aware of the time difference. It brings back that old school rock feeling!
  4. What value does the post provide to their audience? This post is using the attention and the zeitgeist principle. Vans is saying that the old culture is back and it will make you stand out. It also calls the attention to people from different backgrounds. They all know about the 80’s or 90’s or they want to be in there.
  5. How does the post’s design connect and communicates with the audience? It’s a simple photo but there are some elements that help convey a solid message about classic things from the past, such as the slip-on, the tv, the cassettes, the posters, Queen, and so on.
  6. What metrics (likes, shares, re-tweets, etc.) will be used to determine if the post is successful? This was a post on Instagram and it’s easy to track the likes, shares, comments received, followers gained, referral traffic and so on.